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"No Gravity" Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mobility Conversion Van

Every Sprinter Mobility Van we design and build is created for each of our customer’s unique requirements.

Tim and Mary's situation presented a circumstance that many mobility challenged people face. Tim's injuries have reduced his ability to move out of his motorized wheelchair into a different seating position. His motorized wheelchair does not comply with the D.O.T. requirements for him to be able to ride in it in a motor vehicle.

Mary and her family found it nearly impossible to take Tim along on rides except for the most necessary trips. Tim's isolation and division from involvement in family activities pained the whole family.

Our goal was to create a mobility Sprinter van that would solve this problem and bring joy back to taking a family trip to the grocery store or a movie theater.

As you review the photos you will discover the incredible solution the craftsmen at Automotive Designs & Fabrication engineered.